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Online Catalog 2010

The client will find that Bella Dura's natural stone prices are very competitive with even manmade cast products. Bella Dura's motto is, "If you can have the real thing for the same money, why wouldn't you!"

Pricing: The price of custom carved stone architectural work is based upon the size and degree of detailing to a block or slab of stone. Prices in this catalog reflect the manufactured cost of the item unless it is noted that the price is available upon request. All work is custom fabricated for the specific job.

Stone: We quarry and fabricate four distinct limestones. All are quarried near our factory in the Yucatan of Mexico.

Macedonia Limestone

A warm, rich creamy stone with gold and brown veining and highlights. Macedonia is a very hard stone with a hardness on the Mohs scale of 6 to 7, comparable to most marbles and with extremely low porosity with a coefficient of absorption of less than 1%. This material is suitable for practically every use from high traffic flooring to the most elaborate carving and detail.

Ostra Limestone

A cream colored shell stone featuring large oyster and other fossils with distinctive voids in the surface. Ostra is the best exterior paving material we offer and has the very unusual feature of holding virtually no heat from the rays of the sun. It is ideal for areas such as pool decks where it would be usual to walk around in bare feet. Despite its open appearance, it is a very hard material and is frost proof.

Sisal Limestone

A shellstone with very small fossils, mostly coquina shells. Creamy in color, it is very useful for carving fountains and other vertical elements. It is a sound stone, but is not hard enough for heavy traffic areas.

Uxmal Limestone

A terra cotta range stone flavored with warm umbers and golds and is offered in three distinct ranges of orange, red, and yellow. This material has the same technical characteristics as Macedonia and is suitable for the same uses.

Direct Importer Terms and Conditions

All pricing is F.O.B. at Port of Entry. A fifty percent deposit is required when order is placed. The balance of the remaining fifty percent is due on delivery. Bella Dura does not warehouse materials. All prices subject to change.

Custom Design Services

Custom Design Service is provided by Architectural Creations. Customer approval of drawings is required prior to any custom fabrication.


Delivery time varies as to the complexity of the project. Delivery time ranges from six to eight weeks for individual items such as a mantle or small orders, and up to ten to twelve weeks for any highly ornate custom designed items and large orders.


Installation is offered regionally. Experienced and highly competent stonemasons are available to subcontract any and all installations if the client does not have craftsmen of his own.

Limestone Flooring Priced per Square Foot

Macedonia and Uxmal

12 x 12 x -- Upon Request
16 x 16 x -- Upon Request
18 x 18 x -- Upon Request


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