Tuscan Style Villa


Project Year: 1995

Walter & Diane Kirtland

Architects: Al Jones, Kenneth Tipton

1._Tuscan_Kirtland_front1a_2000x985ppx_ DCP_6281.jpg

Our clients researched the design for their Tuscan style villa for several years including six months in Tuscany.  The design that resulted from this process inspired exquisite natural stone detail.  The colors were inspired by the traditional natural colors found in the tradition and architecture of Tuscany.  The clients travelled to our factory to hand select our Limestone of the Yucatan that would appoint 3000 sq. ft. of flooring and paving, 14 columns, quoins, crown molding, keyed window and door surrounds, thresholds, colonnaded entryway with entablature, wall caps, stair treads and risers, hand carved lion face fountain, fountain coping, swimming pool coping, paving surrounding pool, bath tub surround, and push-click stone-clad cabinets.  The client selected our Macedonia (marble-like) limestone for many of the architectural stone structural and decorative elements.  The paving surrounding the swimming pool and a large amount of the interior living space was produced from our terra cotta colored stone called Uxmal.

This elegant home features natural stone details featuring a Macedonia limestone portico with entablature, keyed windows with sills, keyed door surrounds with thresholds, solid quoins, crown molding, capping on walls, custom carved lions head at fountain and fountain coping.  The paving is from our Uxmal limestone which is a terra cotta colored stone.  The front porch, stair treads and risers, and the landings at the sidewalk are all produced from the Uxmal limestone.

The side view of the home features Macedonia Limestone.  All windows are detailed with custom designed molding, arched and straight, with the window key at the top.  The crown molding and solid quoin are Macedonia limestone.  The sitting area outside the building on the right features an arbor supported by Macedonia columns.

This area features an over sized tub surrounded by Macedonia limestone panels that function as push-click doors to the storage space below the counter area.  The floor is Macedonia limestone.

We researched the design of our Tuscan style villa for several years including extensive travel in Europe. The design that resulted from this process inspired elaborate natural stone detail. Bella Dura Architectural Stone worked with us very closely to help us realize our dream including allowing us to visit the factory to hand select materials. The end result was the execution of our vision to near perfection. We would recommend them to anyone.
— Walter Kirtland


The unique flooring was hand selected by the clients at our factory.  It is Macedonia Limestone that features red hues in the marbling of the limestone.  The living room is delineated by the dominant use of the Uxmal limestone which is terra cotta in color.  That same stone is the border tile for the loggia.  Both of these stones were selected as they were similar to stones used in the Tuscany estates that inspired this style of architecture.


The view to the upper terrace includes a pool featuring custom designed Macedonia limestone coping that is convex at each corner where the sunflowers are prominently on display.  The paving is produced from our Uxmal limestone which compliments the terra cotta roof tiles.  The landscape beds are surrounded with a raised Macedonia limestone edging to compliment the raised edge of the pool.  The vista leads to a Macedonia limestone pergola.  The natural custom stone columns that support the open wood frame roof are Tuscan in style with an entasis. The colors are rich and reflective of the Tuscan style of central Italy.

This area provides a lovely view to the pool.  The arched openings are supported by Macedonia Limestone Tuscan style columns that are load bearing.  The paving is our Uxmal Limestone


This project is probably the finest and most exquisite piece of architecture we have worked. Walter and Diane, a very good interior designer, are both very talented and did more research for this Tuscan perfection than anyone we have ever worked with including extensive time spent in Tuscany and salvaging authentic materials. Our stone detailing of columns and entablature, and pergolas and coping and many other details could not have been used more perfectly.
— Robert & MaryKay
Hunter Calix