Urban Shopping Center


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Project name: City Square

Developer: Kevin Nguyen

Architect: Jairo Leon

Contractor: Arkel Constructors


This project, designed by Jairo Leon, AIA, is a very elaborate and unique use of natural stone in a commercial setting.  This region has rarely seen this elaborate use of natural stone since the classic period in the 1930’s pre-war era.  This probably also applies to most areas of the country.

This is especially true of the monumental high relief carving seen in the five large (15 ft. Height X 10 ft. Width) arched opening that grace the buildings. The precision of both the fabrication and carving are testament to the abilities of Bella Dura to produce precise, exquisite detail on a large scale. 

The arches and the colonnaded archway on the right end of the center are all produced in Macedonia limestone.  The base cladding and large square stucco columns bases are produced in Uxmal limestone.

Hunter Calix