Formal French Regency Interior


Project Year: 2007 & 2016

Dr. Dennis Morris

Owner and designer

Dr. Morris, a trauma surgeon, is a true Renaissance man, who participates in Senior Track & field events as a world class Javelin thrower, and also possesses a wide range of knowledge of history, architecture, mathematics, and engineering design skills, among others.  All of the photographs are either of the kitchen or of the exquisite stone detail on the formal arched window in the living room, all designed by Dr. Morris. 

The kitchen features our Uxmal terra cotta hued stone in the massive three inch thick tops with classic Ogee edge detail.  The kitchen is entered through a room with a cased opening which is flanked by two Uxmal Tuscan columns. 

The towering twenty foot tall classic arched window is completely encased by a beautiful compound  molding detail in Uxmal.  Note the exquisite detail in the pediments from the floor to the sill.  Again, these are all an indication of the grasp that Dr. Morris possesses of classic architectural detail.

Hunter Calix